For The Cult Fat Guy

by Junk Drawer

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released October 28, 2016

Recorded live at Smalltown America Studios, Derry by Caolan Austin & Chris Cassidy
Mixed by Caolan Austin
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio

Cover art (we assume) by Nannie Lennox

Stevie Lennox - Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Jake Lennox - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Brian Coney - Guitar, Bass
Rory Dee - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Backing Vocals

Words (between the lines of age) by Stevie & Jake Lennox



all rights reserved


Junk Drawer Belfast, UK

Kitchen sink indie rock

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Track Name: Song 3
Any of the following - we have no filter so some lyrics are optional:

Dazing through another day,
Signing names and paying endless dues,
Filter out the padded self, polish it but make it visceral,
Sometimes it helps with it all.

{Ripping Guitar Solo}

Play to your strengths, predestination has it’s perks,
Parallels everywhere you look,
Commitment’s nothing but a breeding ground for further discontent
Don’t place too much stock in not-for-profits

Forget about it,
Sometimes a yes is never enough,
And as life passes you by,
You’re a better fling than a friend,
It’s a bigger sin than a threat,
There’s no perfect fit, I’m afraid.

{Ripping Guitar Solo}

She’s shot herself again, he’s more machine thaan maaan,
Forget about it now, you can read me like a thesaurus
Sometimes I don’t even care if it’s my way all day

If you fail the Choosing, as context is skewing,
All the good intentions are just an easy way to play / paler shade of grey,
If nine-tenths are moving, everyone is losing,
All the good intentions are just an easy way to play / paler shade of grey.

If you’ve had enough, I think I’ll forget,
When you’ve had enough, it’s time to forget
I’ve had enough, I think I forget
Background noise can cause me to forget
If you’ve had enough of feeling content,
There’s no replacement for content.
Track Name: Do You Ever Think About Existence, Adrian?
8 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and a day,
Took a while but I did ok,
I asked him “Here Adrian, do you ever think about existence?”
The umms and ahs sang out in unspoken recognition

Hey Boss, you called, it’s the Morley man (the conspiracy makes me feel uneasy)
Special order from the D(L)A.
He's got an answer for everything, but the solution to none,
The foundless critic; the regular man.

He’s into all the same things, he doesn’t look for meanings,
We’re just a brainiac in a meat-filled sack.

You know that one? The one where they break all the laws?
Not our laws, just the ones that matter.
Reading the same book over and over, for something;
Will the penny drop when the sky falls to the sea?

The Sky Falls To The Sea

It aged ok, the original version,
And I don't know how you never found meaning as a sentient person,
Monster of the week,
Maybe you got something from this whole thing, just like me.


Saturn rises, as I gasp for words,
I’ll see none of you again,
Oh Adrian, it was beautiful - the sky fell to the sea.
Track Name: Black Cat
Cease - cease to forget where/what I am.
A genetic reproach to keep in line with our host
And in the darkness with you, black cat.


And when I look into your eyes I see no warm embrace;
A window into a mind that stops only for rest.

I am home.

{Solo into breakdown into solo into declaration of love}

I looked into your window tonight,
you were sleeping, but I was dreaming.
That black cat won't leave me be,
he flees when I chase him, but I know, he’s out there, waiting.
I write chapters about you before i throw it all away-ay-ay.
I'm losing my hair because you're not there.

You're going nowhere fast.

Don’t spread yourself so thin, boy, and stop putting eggs in baskets that you don’t have.
Track Name: Quandary
When you’re done sighing the silent moan,
turn it into art or get out of your lonely home.
The footprints I just left are already fading
and the fire in your belly is crackling out like you’ve already made it.

To see the world or stay inside my head?
I’m knocking things off the checklist that never gets shorter anymore.

Mysterious wanderers stepping out of doorways;
They're catching the eye of every passerby with the naive glow.
It’s got me wondering each & every day,
Are we each the only sane person in the world?

To see the world or stay inside my head?
I’m knocking things off the checklist that never gets shorter anymore.
But those are just footprints already faded,
And I wouldn’t repeat the rocky landing coming to Earth.

The spirit of my name is the spirit of my... (I don't know, you work it out)